Let's decide on the official 59 Watch theme song
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Let’s decide on the official 59 Watch theme song

59 Watch has become a regular thing on Twitter. It almost seems like it's a weekly occurrence.

That's a good thing for the sport, drawing in the attention of both hardcore golf fans and the casual set that usually on turn on golf to see Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson. Despite the relative barrage of sub-60 rounds in the last five years in pro golf, 59 is still a special number.

So how on Earth does it not have a theme song?

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The Masters has one. Its lyrics are certifiably terrible. All of the majors at least have their own tune. So does The Players. Shooting 59 is more rare than all of those events, so it needs some music to commemorate it.

Is it more like a "breaking news" theme? After all, a 59 can turn up out of nowhere, from any player. Most people don't catch on to the possibility of a 59 until there are a few holes left.

What about a cliche song? Maybe "Final Countdown"? Care to invent one yourself?

We want to hear from you about this. Tell us in the comments section or on Twitter @GolfNewsNet
what you think the theme should be.

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