About Golf News Net

About GNN

About Golf News Net

Originally launched in 2003, Golf News Net was a spin-off of the popular The 19th Hole Golf Show podcast, the news complement to the podcast, providing information, analysis and opinion.

GNN relaunched in late 2012 with a mission of providing an eclectic mix of golf news, ranging from silly to serious, viral to vocal about issues facing the game. GNN aspires to not only break news and find content before anyone else in golf, but to also be at the forefront of the bigger discussions that will shape our sport.

GNN Radio launched in late June 2014, offering a 24/7, online-only stream of golf talk in a NPR-styled format, blending terrestrial radio shows, podcasts, live programming and raw audio in an unstructured format. With over 1 million listeners in the first five months on the air, golfers have found a haven to talk golf when they want.

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