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Get even more from Golf News Net with a GNN membership! We offer our members a great value with a mix of exclusive content, access to merch drops and giveaways available only to members, as well as members-only discount codes to save more than you pay.

Our membership is less than $4 per month -- that's less than the cost of a half of a single Pro V1. And who wants only part of a golf ball?

Member Benefits

GNN members can enjoy access to all of these benefits, including:

  • Stories, news analysis, interviews and columns from Ryan Ballengee, the GNN team and special guest authors
  • An ad-free experience on GNN (when logged in)
  • A members-only weekly newsletter
  • Access to exclusive merch drops, including hand-made headcovers, ballmarkers and more
  • A $10 credit toward merch
  • Free entry into product giveaways and testing opportunities only for members
  • Priority access to future Golf News Net events
  • Member-only discount codes and offers
  • Our winning PGA Tour model, which has consistently identified champions over 3+ years
  • Fantasy golf research and tools, including a searchable database of PGA Tour results and key statistics

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Use the form below to sign up to become a GNN member. You'll be charged $10 for a 7-day trial, then the remaining $30 after. The charge auto-renews on the anniversary date each year. You have the option to unsubscribe or cancel your membership ahead of the renewal payment being made and a 72-hour window after the renewal payment is processed to ask for a refund.

After signing up, you'll get an email from us to complete sign-up and account creation. Join our Forebucks membership for access to our golf betting tools and model.

Prefer to use Venmo? Pay $40 to our Golf News Net account and include your desired username and email in the memo. We'll set up your account right away.

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