John Daly hits ball off tee in fan's mouth at Nashville bar [VIDEO]
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John Daly hits ball off tee in fan’s mouth at Nashville bar [VIDEO]


John Daly knows a little something about hitting a golf ball off of a tee in a guy's mouth. He did it with a very trusting David Feherty in the episode of "Feherty" featuring the two-time major winner.

That Daly was healthy. The one that did that same stunt again with some random college football fan, however, is recovering from surgery.

Outkick the Coverage sent out some footage of Daly hitting a golf ball off a tee in the mouth of a man lying face up on the ground. Daly did it in a Nashville bar called Losers.

The best part of the video? Almost no one high-fives John Daly. They save their love for the guy that dared to lay down as a human range mat.

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Daly had elbow surgery in July, ending his season. So, Big John seems healthy again. And this video is instructive of precisely how a professional pulls off a risky stunt like this. It's also instructive of how to hold a tee in your mouth -- use your teeth! -- if you're on the dangerous end of golf's version of a trust fall...unlike these New Orleans fans.


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