Man impales his own tongue with golf tee in dumb stunt [VIDEO]
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Man impales his own tongue with golf tee in dumb stunt [VIDEO]

If you've ever had the urge to let a friend hit a golf ball off of a tee you hold in your mouth, this video will give you pause. Permanent pause.

In this video, uploaded Sept. 18, a trio of guys are in the backyard of a home -- presumably in Louisiana because of all the the New Orleans Saints jerseys in the footage -- and two decide to pull off the ole' "human tee" stunt shot. It's also clearly somewhat fueled by alcohol because the "human tee" has a beer in his hand.

The guy that's about to do the golf equivalent of a trust fall lies on the ground and puts a tee in his mouth. The friend with the club then takes a mindful practice cut to make sure he won't smash his friend in the face with the club. Then he tees up a ball and swings lightly. He barely taps the ball off the tee. Then the horror happens.

The friend re-tees the ball and makes a descending blow on the ball this time, basically hitting a grounder. Immediately, the friend yells, "God da*n it!" He gets up off the ground, moaning inaudibly. Why? Because the tee impaled his own tongue! Then the guy pulls the tee out of his own tongue, revealing a bloody hole where he could presumably now put a tongue ring.


Several lessons here:

1. NEVER try this stunt unless you know what you're doing, like David Feherty did when he was brave enough to let John Daly hit off of a tee in his mouth.

2. IF you are dumb enough to try this, make sure you hold the tee in your mouth with your teeth.

Of course, this could all be an elaborate hoax (thanks, Jimmy Kimmel), but, if it is, it's a hell of a price to pay for internet fame.


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