Here's John Daly & Barry Switzer singing in a casino ad
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Here’s John Daly & Barry Switzer singing in a casino ad

By no means is the following news. If this was Twitter, we'd add a facetious BREAKING to the headline. But this isn't, so we're classier.

John Daly appears in commercials for a casino in Oklahoma. Several of them.

Why? Because, unlike most casino goers, Daly is guaranteed a payday -- and hopefully a private table in the high-limit room.

Daly has been representing Oklahoma's Downstream Casino for a few years now, appearing in several ads for them. The two-time major winner tweeted on Wednesday some BREAKING Downstream news: that they were the first business in the state offering the official John Daly -- meaning, the one rather intelligently trademarked.

What is a John Daly? It's the alcoholic version of an Arnold Palmer. It's half lemonade, half iced tea and half vodka. Math is not my strong suit, especially after several John Dalys.

So, the John Daly is at Downstream Casino. In honor of the budding partnership, we present several Downstream ads featuring Daly. They've been around for a while, but this is a great excuse to resurrect them.

John Daly, Barry Switzer and Billy Sims serenade gamblers

There's no way John Daly can play a piano.

Daly, Switzer and Sims drive to Downstream

Daly says it's his fifth visit that hooked him on Downstream. As someone who has played his fair share of blackjack in his life, I assure you Daly was hooked the first time.

The gang tries to convince you that Downstream is better than Vegas

Oh, come on. I can't believe that.


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