Titleist ProV1 Left Dot released as new limited-edition offering
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Titleist ProV1 Left Dot released as new limited-edition offering

The ProV1 and ProV1x line of golf balls has been the most played ball by professionals and amateurs year in and year out since its inception in 2000. They set the standard for the modern golf ball and became the model that every other brand has tried to emulate while also putting their own spin on it.

Traditionally, Titleist had only two models available at retail, the ProV1 and the ProV1x. Most players at every level play one of those two golf balls—most Tour players play the exact same golf ball that you can find at your local pro shop.

However, as is custom in the golf equipment space, there have been several models that were only available to Tour players. Every ball that is manufactured must be on the USGA Conforming List to be played, so we always knew that more golf balls that made subtle tweaks while keeping the same ProV1 name existed.

Titleist first added a third “Tour ball”—not to be confused with Tour only—in 2018 with the AVX. The AVX features significantly lower spin than ProV1 and ProV1x off the driver and irons, while maintaining spin around the greens. The AVX also has a much lower ball flight and softer feel than ProV1. Overall, the ball was designed to be at the extreme opposite end of the ProV1.

Because the ProV1 and ProV1x have only subtle differences, there was still a need for a ball that sits in between the AVX and the ProV1. Enter the ProV1 left dash, which had become popular enough on Tour that it was released at retail in 2019.

Left dash was designed for a very specific type of player— a player with a high swing speed who struggles with high spin rates on all shots. It is the lowest spinning golf ball in the ProV1 line and had similar launch and spin characteristics in Pro V1x. The ball also had a distinct feel difference, as it is much firmer than Pro V1.

After seeing good results with the left dash, Titleist has decided to produce a limited run CPO (Custom Performance Option) of another previously Tour only ball available to consumers—the ProV1 Left Dot. Left Dot combines some of the features of AVX with ProV1.

Titleist has said that they believe ProV1 and ProV1x fits 80 percent of golfers, so their expansions to the lineup are an effort to make golf balls that fit 100 percent of golfers. According to Titleist, the Left Dot fits a player player with high club head speed, spin, and launch who is looking to lower spin and bring down the launch. But the ball has a greenside spin amount that is in between the AVX and Pro V1.

Left Dot doesn’t fit everybody, but it fits a small group of the best players in the world. Players using it include Tony Finau, Daniel Berger, Patrick Reed, Henrik Stenson, and Keith Mitchell. The Left Dot is the most-played non-retail ball. Titleist estimates 6-12 Tour players put it in play each week.

I am a self-admitted golf nerd, I love everything about these things. But it can be confusing for someone who doesn’t consume content like this every day. So here’s a simple summary of the differences between the golf balls.

  • Spin will be most similar off the tee as the current Pro V1
  • Most noticeably different (less spin) with full short irons.
  • It is the lowest flying Titleist Pro V1 golf ball.
  • Compared to the Titleist AVX, the Pro V1 Left Dot has similarly low spin and flight off the tee
  • More spin with irons and wedges than AVX

Titleist Vice President of Golf Ball Marketing Jeremy Stone explained Titleist’s goals with the CPO offerings.

“They might launch in a slightly different window to fit a player’s eye, offer slightly more or less spin, or feel softer or firmer,” Stone told GolfWrx. “CPO’s give us more tools in the toolbox to optimize and personalize performance for a small percentage of the hundreds of players we work with weekly on tour.”

There is yet another Tour ball that is available on Tour but not at retail—The ProV1 Star. The ball is another very specific golf ball that fits a small scope of players. The Star is essentially the opposite of Left Dash and Left Dot. It is a very high spinning ball with extreme launch conditions that isn’t likely to fit the typical weekend warrior.

Titleist has not released the Star at retail or as a CPO.

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