Yes, there's a cut at the 2024 Memorial Tournament

Yes, there’s a cut at the 2024 Memorial Tournament

A photo of Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods

This week, the best players in the world head to Dublin, Ohio, just outside of Columbus, for the 2024 Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village Golf Club.

Jack Nicklaus' masterpiece club once again hosts a great event just ahead of the US Open, and it's once again an elevated-designated-Signature event on the schedule. (This year, it's a Signature event.)

There are just over 70 players in the field this week, pending any withdrawals, although no players who pull out of the tournament will be replaced with alternates. Typically on the PGA Tour, the 36-hole cut is made to players in the top 65 and ties after two rounds. However, in the bulk of the Signature events, there is no cut. This week, though, that's a different story.

At this week's event, there is a cut. The 36-hole cut at the Memorial Tournament 2024 is to the top 50 players and ties, as well as any player within 10 shots of the lead at the halfway mark.

This cut rule is similar to that of The Genesis Invitational and the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Along with the Memorial Tournament, these three events make up the player-hosted invitational tournaments on the schedule. Each sought to have a cut as part of being a Signature event on the schedule in 2024. Woods and Nicklaus have been vocal about there being a cut at their tournaments, so the PGA Tour instituted one for this category of player-hosted Signature event.

However, that means that a small percentage of the field will get cut this week. At most, it'll be approximately 25 percent of the field. Technically, though, every player can make the weekend if they're within 10 shots of the lead after two rounds. Hypothetically, every player can also be within the top 50 and ties, though that's less likely.

With fewer players -- at least hypothetically -- making the weekend, the PGA Tour bumps up the first-place prize money in this event to $4 million so that the champion takes home 20 percent of the purse instead of the standard 18 percent.

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