Bridgestone Golf's new Tour B golf ball series offers benefits for new player profiles
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Bridgestone Golf’s new Tour B golf ball series offers benefits for new player profiles

For several years, Bridgestone Golf has defined their Tour-caliber balls by driver swing speed. If you swung over 105 mph, then you fit into the B330 or B330-s. If you didn't, you went into the B330-RX or B330-RXS. However, in thinking about the next generation of these balls, Bridgestone realized they wanted to create a different kind of player profile. That's how they landed on the four models in what is now the Tour B series.

What's the difference between the Tour B330 line and the Tour B line?

Bridgestone decided to create those big buckets based on handicap. If you're a low handicap player, look at the new Tour B X and Tour B XS, replacing the B330 and B330-S. If you're a low-to-mid-handicap player (maybe 7-15 index is a good fit), then you want the Tour B RX and Tour B RXS.

Inside of these new buckets, the difference between the models really centers around the truly different demands of better players. Almost universally, better players care about control and feel above all else. Distance is great, but better golfers know how to get the ball in the hole how they hit the ball now. They want help to either find more fairways or stop the ball closer to the hole more easily. So, those are the two new sub-buckets in the Tour B lineup. If you're in the B X or B RX models, you're looking for a little less spin profile to help with accuracy off the tee. If you're in the B XS or B RXS models, then you're looking for improved greenside control and some more spin on those shorter shots.

All four balls go longer than their predecessors, in the range of 4-5 yards of extra pop based on internal testing. Comparing B X to B XS, you're gaining either 200 rpm or 400 rpm on a 25-yard shot. Obviously, if you're seeking more nip than you impart on the ball now with a wedge (typically a picker or sweeper of the ball), then you know your preference.

The benefits in the Tour B X and Tour B XS come from an improved, softer urethane cover formula and a better 330 Dual Dimple design. On the B RX and B RXS balls, the more potent distance gains come from a high repulsion construction that includes an improved single-piece gradational core and a better 338 Dual Dimple pattern.

The SlipRes cover remains a part of this line, increasing friction at impact particularly with irons and wedges. The seamless cover prevents energy loss and offers more aerodynamic stability.

All four of these balls, including an optic yellow version in only the Tour B RX, are available Oct. 2 for $45 per dozen.

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