VIDEO: Golfers play golf in bikinis in a show aptly titled "Bikini Golf"

VIDEO: Female pro golfers play golf in bikinis in a show aptly titled “Bikini Golf”

Don't ever accuse the show "Bikini Golf" of not delivering exactly on its title. The show, hoping to land a home on some television network, is a golf competition show featuring three female professionals playing in their bikinis in a skins game (get it?).

The folks behind the show recently uploaded its pilot episode to YouTube in a couple of different parts.


There's nothing groundbreaking about the show, other than the bikini part. The camera work is fine. The announcing is a little awkward. But it's a pilot episode. The "Seinfeld" pilot -- called "The Seinfeld Chronicles" -- was a disaster.

Take a gander and decide for yourself if "Bikini Golf" could land a place on your DVR.