Bad Golf Stock Photography v. 3: These are just the worst
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Bad Golf Stock Photography v. 3: These are just the worst

Golf is a very visual game, but sometimes you just don't have the time or resources to get the exact photo that you need. So lots of people to turn to stock photography -- generic enough to set the mood and make a point, but usually with not enough attention to detail to win an award of any kind.

But, in the world of golf stock photography, there are some exceptionally poor shots. And we're here to highlight them at Golf News Net in a regular feature called Bad Golf Stock Photography.

After a six-month layoff, we're back with some horrendous golf stock photography that just defies what happens on the golf course in addition to objectifying women.


"Oh, don't mind me. I'm just talking through," the man whispers to the offended golfer. Then he returns to the person on the other line. "I'm gutting your pensions!"


Judging from how close this guy stroke this putt, he knew it was in the second he touched it, then managed to get to his knees faster than a 3-footer got to the hole. I defy you to replicate this.


These are the kinds of groups you hate in a scramble. We don't need four sets of eyes on a 1-inch putt.


Either she's pulling her skort down, or she's passing gas. Either way, probably not a good thing to do while addressing the ball.

stock-photo-bride-and-groom-playing-golf-153066884 (1)

This one's actually titled "Bride and groom play golf." Not included in the title? "Like assholes."


I call this pose "The Exorcist" because the only way it makes sense is if the model took her backswing, stopped, then turned to the camera to freak everyone the hell out.




"I got a great swing tip on the range the other day, that I should watch the golf club through the swing, all the way to impact."


This putt has 64 feet of U-turn break on it, apparently.


This lady can perform the Jedi Mind Trick, holding the ball on the precipice of making the putt long enough so that she could drop the putter, lay on the ground and fist pump.


I really want to watch this telenovela: "La Golfista y El Giggalo."


Maybe the first mistake was putting with a 7-iron.


What's wrong with this picture? EVERYTHING>


Why stop at 5 balls? Was this an homage to Jan Stephenson on the lowest budget possible?



I guess this is for the BDSM golf crowd. A golf dominatrix? Sounds like a best-selling Halloween costume.


"Here's your problem, ma'am. You're a lefty hitting right-handed clubs."


If you're going to take a penalty stroke for grounding your club in the bunker, at least have a wedge in your hand.

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