VIDEO: Black swan attacking golfer made into 'Game of Thrones' ad with dragons

VIDEO: Black swan attacking golfer made into ‘Game of Thrones’ ad with dragons

Game of Thrones Blinkbox golf ad

Golfers don't expect to get attacked on the golf course, but an experienced player is weary of any lingering goose. But what about a swan, a black swan no less?

Two black swans charged at a golfer at the Grimsby Golf Club in England back in February, and the golfer's friend -- term used loosely -- filmed the whole thing with obscenity-laden delight. After about 45,000 views on YouTube, the video was ripe for a spoof.

Blinkbox, a U.K.-based video-on-demand service, did just that, creating a commercial where the black swans were replaced with dragons to promote streaming HBO's "Game of Thrones" on the service.

In the real version, the attacked golfer eventually dumps his next shot into the water...and the swans make chase.