The 4 best GoPro golf videos

The 4 best GoPro golf videos

GoPro cameras are awesome for shooting pretty much any kind of action footage, but they're especially great for sports, including golf.

There are a lot of good GoPro golf videos out in the world, so we've done our best to give you the elite GoPro golf videos.

1. Golf in Arizona

Golf News Net friend and Yahoo! writer Shane Bacon hooked up with the GoPro guys in Arizona to show off the full complement of GoPro features, including a point-of-view shot of Bacon doing the famous Tiger Woods wedge trick.

2. Down the line...of the shaft

The GoPro gang has some great footage in this video from multiple angles, including at the bottom of the cart, the bottom of a water hazard and down the shaft line mid-swing.

3. GoPro doubling as a golf ball?

This video from the folks at Titleist Performance Institute shows the view of a golf ball as its blasted from a bunker, right into the cup.

4. The view from the driver head

The gang at Liberty Mountain in Pennsylvania shot a trippy angle in this video: what it would look like to shoot the golfer swinging from the clubhead.