Adam Scott wants you to play some golf, Australia [VIDEO]

Adam Scott wants you to play some golf, Australia [VIDEO]

When Adam Scott asks you to do something, you do it. So go play some golf, Australia.

A new ad featuring the Masters champion hit airwaves recently Down Under, urging his countrymen to play the game that has made him famous around the world.

The premise of the ad, tipped by golf site iseekgolf, is pretty simple: Golf is a game accessible to people of all backgrounds and income types. So there's a baker simulating golf by using a rolling pin to hit some dough. There's a boy taking a pool skimmer to a beach ball, feigning golf. Someone's using a rolled up architecture drawing to chip some paper. Turns out that architectural levels and vacuum-cleaner heads are great for playing Pretend Putting.

It's a good spot. The only real turn off about the commercial? A lack of authenticity. Jim Nantz is calling the Masters in Australia, too?!

Oh, and the name? Play Golf Australia? There's already Play Golf America.