Sammy the Presidents Cup Squirrel needs an International foil
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Sammy the Presidents Cup Squirrel needs an International foil

The star of Day 1 at the Presidents Cup was a baby squirrel. A lucky baby squirrel.

American Presidents Cup team assistant captain Davis Love III apparently found, befriended and adopted a baby squirrel, named Sammy, in the first day of matches at Muirfield Village G.C. Sammy quickly became the team mascot when Love III believed the team was not losing when Sammy was around the team.

Turns out, the Americans did lose 2.5 points on Thursday, but it seems Sammy might be here for the duration of the week.

Move over, Rally Monkey. Get out of the way, Food Lion lion. UGA IX the Bulldog, you stink. (No, really, you're great, but you could use a bath.) It's Sammy Time.

But the International team should not go without a mascot of their own. So here are a few suggestions.

Charlie the Cactus

Squirrels are not very smart, but they're always hungry. So why can't Nick Price and company tote around a small, cute cactus in the hopes of tricking the squirrel to prick itself while chasing a nut. Obviously no one wants Sammy hurt, so maybe it can be symbolic.

Sherry the Squirrel

If the U.S. can have a squirrel, why can't the International team? The squirrels could chase each other around in a game of Squirrel Tag in a 13th singles match on Sunday. Tiger crowds, people. Tiger crowds.

Dottie the Dog


Squirrels are petrified of dogs. Or at least my dog. Dottie the Dog has killed a squirrel, nearly killed another in her grasp and has stepped up to trying to kill a groundhog in our yard. She's ruthless, Nick Price.

Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn nearly got Sammy hurt on Thursday, when she tried to put the squirrel on the shoulder of beau Tiger Woods. Tiger, embroiled in watching the Presidents Cup action unfold, swiped Sammy away and could have sent him flying (not like Rocky the Squirrel) to doom.

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