PGA Championship: Pettersson may be penalized for moving impediment in hazard

PGA Championship: [Updated] Pettersson penalized for moving impediment in hazard

Carl Pettersson took a two-shot penalty on the first hole of the final round of the PGA Championship for moving a loose impediment in a hazard.

The Swede hit his opening tee shot into a lateral (red stake) hazard, meaning he could not ground his club as he was preparing to strike his approach to the green.

CBS television cameras, however, spotted Pettersson evidently moving a leaf in the hazard with his backswing. A player can move a loose impediment, such as a leaf, on the downswing, but not otherwise.

After reviewing the footage, officials agreed the leaf was moved. Official David Price told Pettersson at the fourth hole he would be penalized two shots under Rule 13-4(c) under the Rules of Golf.

Without the penalty, Pettersson recorded a par 4. Instead, he now has a double bogey.