Tiger Memes: A review of several things Tiger says in every press conference
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Tiger Memes: A review of several things Tiger says in every press conference

A Tiger Woods news conference is a few things, but mostly a chance for Woods to rehash the talking points he concocts and maintains for however long he wishes to use them. He did that again on Tuesday at Kiawah Island - hence not much in the way of posts on him yesterday.

Here are some repeats - timely for the "It's New to Me!" rerun season - from Woods' presser:

I have until at least 46 to get to 19 majors, maybe 59: "Jack didn't finish his until he was 46, so if you go by that timetable, I've got 10 more years. Four more majors is a lot. I've got plenty of time. With the training regimes that we have now and seeing guys play well, you can get on the right golf course and contend. You saw what happened with Tom being 59, Greg almost did it at Birkdale at 55‑ish or something like that, 54."

Winning majors is tougher because the gap between 1st and the cut line is smaller: "There's so many guys with a chance to win.  I think that's kind of how, I think, sport is.  The margin is getting smaller.  There may be 16 different winners, but you look at the cuts, the cuts are getting lower.  The scores between the leader and the guy who is 70th and tied, sometimes it's 10 shots or less, which is amazing."

Sure, I'd love to play in the Olympics, but I have to qualify first, har har: "I hopefully will be able to have qualified at that point in time, and I'll be 40 years old at the time. It'll be exciting to be able to represent our country like that and go down to Brazil and do something that is basically - I won't say it's inaugural - but, in essence, it hasn't been there in a long time (since 1904)."

We'll post some of the more unique stuff in other pieces.

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