Might the Olympic golf format change for 2016?

Might the Olympic golf format change for 2016?

When the International Golf Federation made its pitch to get golf back into the Olympics, it proposed a 72-hole stroke-play tournament to determine the first Olympic golf medalist since 1904.

That format has been under fire since its introduction because it mimics traditional professional golf tournaments and misses out on an opportunity to create a truly unique team competition not seen elsewhere in the sport.

R&A chief executive Peter Dawson has heard the complaints and said Monday the format could still be changed.

"I think we all had this at the back of our mind at the start, `Wouldn't it be nice to make the Olympic competition a little bit different, at least from the week in, week out competition?"' Dawson said, according to the Associated Press.

Even if golf would like to introduce a different format or component to the competition, it would require approval from the International Olympic Committee.