The Official World Golf Ranking and the last 16 major champions
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FAQ: The Official World Golf Ranking and the last 16 major champions

When big things happen in golf, people have questions. When 16 different guys win the last 16 majors, people want answers. GNN will try to provide them in this week's FAQ on the Official World Golf Ranking and the last four years of major winners.

For the last 16 major winners, what was their ranking before their major win, immediately after, and what is it now?

Well, here's a handy chart.

In terms of the Official World Golf Ranking, which major produces the best champions?

Let's answer a question with a question. How about another handy chart?

In terms of ranking, it's the Masters. Their champions from the last four years average 29.25 in the OWGR before their win. The U.S. Open is next at 32.5.

Despite its penchant for upsets, the Open Championship's last four winners rank 59.5. The PGA Championship is only one spot better.

Which major gives the biggest boost to its winners' rankings?

This is a bit of a chicken-and-egg issue. The lower ranked the champion, the more the 100 points gained for winning a major will help. That means the majors with the lower average-ranked champions will give the biggest boost. The Open Championship has done so in this four-year stretch, boosting winners by 42.25 places on average. The PGA is second at 40.75

The Masters and U.S. Open only prop up champions about 20 places. They also have better-ranked winners.

Now, the big question. Which major can boast the best average ranking among its champions right now?

As of July 22, that would be the U.S. Open. Its last four winners average 41 in the OWGR at the moment. The PGA Championship is surprisingly next, coming in with an average of 46.75. As one might guess, the Masters isn't last - their winners average 66th. The Open Championship is worst at 78th.

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