Has Costco stopped selling the Kirkland Signature golf balls?

Has Costco stopped selling the Kirkland Signature golf balls?


We've got some bad news: It appears Costco will not be selling its wildly popular Kirkland Signature Four-Piece Urethane Golf Balls any time soon.

After Costco sold out of the golf balls -- sold in stores and online for a devilish $15 per dozen in a two-dozen package -- three different times, it was unclear when in the New Year that the golf balls would again land on palettes at the membership club. However, there are reasons to think the Kirkland Signature golf ball, at least as we know it, is dead.

The first reason is that the manufacturer of the ball has changed on the USGA's list of conforming golf balls, going from Nassau Golf Co. Ltd. of South Korea to SM Global, LLC, another Korean company which, as listed, is a California-based limited liability corporation.

The second reason is that the product no longer exists on the Costco website. Going to the page for the product shows that it's not found. Now this typically happens when a product Costco sells goes out of stock and they have no intention of selling it again any time soon. This didn't happen when the golf balls sold out the first two times, with the page showing an Out of Stock notice, giving customers an option to be alerted when it's back in stock. That's no longer available.

The third reason is from a MyGolfSpy report, which claims that the Kirkland Signature golf ball was actually a purchase the company made of overrun golf balls made by Nassau. The company makes golf balls on their own, including the four-piece Quattro ball, sold overseas but not in the United States. MyGolfSpy reports that Costco effectively sold out of the overrun purchase, and Nassau Golf isn't keen to allow for another sales run at $15 per dozen, undercutting the price at which they'd like to sell the Quattro ball.

While Costco could find another manufacturer, it would be hard to land one with the proper capabilities to reproduce this ball (and they might need Nassau's OK anyhow) in any kind of reasonable amount of time. However, Costco's co-founder has indicated that the golf ball will be back without giving any details about the recipe, manufacturer or cost.


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