Biion footwear: Super stylish, lightweight, slip-on golf shoes

Biion footwear: Super stylish, lightweight, slip-on golf shoes

Tradition runs deep in the game of golf, and rooted within it is the Oxford Brogue style. BIION is re-defining the classic Oxford theme, with a spikeless, slip-on golf shoe made from ultra-lightweight EVA.

Ehtylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) is comfortable, waterproof, shock absorbent, washable, anti-microbial, and odor-resistant. It’s also the material that helps make Biion Shoes the lightest performance golf shoes around.

Biion golf shoes are made with a form-fitting moldable material designed to have a snug fit with your foot. Because of this, we suggest you size down 1 size when choosing your pair of Biion shoes.


We were hesitant at first so we tried Biion footwear ourselves. We took them directly out of the box and slipped them on without any socks and walked a full 18. The comfort and fit was amazing and the traction was extremely good. We were sold after one round. Try Biion for yourself, with or without socks its a party for your feet!

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