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VIDEO: Watch the trailer for the Seve Ballesteros movie

VIDEO: Watch the trailer for the Seve Ballesteros movie

Google+ on May 25, 2014 4 Comments ,

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Just months after Seve Ballesteros died in 2011, plans for a major biographical movie were announced. In a month, that movie will hit theaters in the United Kingdom.

A preview for the simply titled “Seve” has been airing in the British isles for about a week now.

The movie tells the story of Ballesteros as a young man learning the game in Spain, tracking his development into a sport-changing talent.

Ballesteros is played by Spanish teen Jose Luis Gutierrez. He is a member of the Cantabrian golf team and a former runner-up in the Spanish amateur.

5950   139   2

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  • Papi (Red Shirt is the GOAT)

    Hey, Remember when people cared what Ryan Ballengee wrote?
    I can’t.
    Still Don’t.
    Some things never change!

    Now let me get out of here before I get attacked by Crickets!

    • RyanBallengee

      Hey Papi, good to see you. I figured writing something that shed some light on your boy might get you out of hiding.