The 5 things every golf fan needs when attending a golf tournament, especially when it's hot
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The 5 things every golf fan needs when attending a golf tournament, especially when it’s hot


Attending a professional golf tournament can be a ton of fun for a golf fan.

For fans who play golf, they get to see some of the best players in the world make an extremely difficult game look easy. For sports fans, it's a chance to see tremendous athletes up close and personal -- in a way that is almost impossible while watching other sports. For people who just want to go to a social event, a golf tournament is a chance to spend time with friends outdoors in a nice setting, drink and eat some, and then there's the added benefit of the actual golf.

No matter why you're attending a PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, PGA Tour Champions or other pro golf tournament, you need to go prepared. Golf tournaments are outdoor affairs, and they're often played when the weather is warm -- if not scorching hot. Golf fans need to be ready for the sun, the heat and to walk a golf course that might be hilly and require some stamina.

If you have these five things with you when attending a pro golf tournament -- outside of the tickets themselves -- then you'll be equipped to have a great day watching golf.

The 5 things every golf fan needs attending a pro golf tournament

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Golf tournaments are played outside, and they're usually played when the sun is shining brightly. Golf tournament goers typically attend wearing short sleeves and shorts, exposing their skin to the sun. Come prepared with sunscreen. My personal favorite sunscreen is Sun Bum because it isn't oily, is available as a cream or a spray and won't damage sea life if it gets into ocean waters. It also smells good. There's a zinc option that dries clear as well.

Neck fan

Golf courses are lovely places, but some lack shade. Also, it's typically not windy when it's hot outside. That can make standing around and watching golf particularly taxing while baking in the sun. Cool off easily with a neck fan. I've been wearing these to sporting events of all kinds, and I always get questions from people wondering how well they work. The right neck fan will change your life as a sports fan. Good ones can be had for $25 or less and typically work for 2-3 hours, depending on the speed setting used, with a USB charger. They run quietly enough so as not to distract other people or the golfers, and you'll instantly feel 10-15 degrees cooler.

Hydration packets

If you're going to spend a long day outside watching the golf tournament, there's a good chance you won't be well hydrated -- especially if your plan includes plenty of drinking, walking or both. Make it easy on yourself by bringing some hydration packets with you to the golf tournament. Liquid IV is my personal favorite, and I've used it to stay hydrated or rapidly re-hydrate after a long day or night of drinking. Liquid IV comes in convenient individual packets, and they're available in a ton of flavors, including sugar-free choices. Drop one in a bottle of water or in your refillable water bottle, swirl around well and drink. It'll help keep you going and enjoying a great day at the tournament.

Collapsible water bottle

More and more golf tournaments are considering the waste they produce with their food and beverage choices, and they're encouraging fans to bring their own water bottles to use refill stations throughout the course. That's a great decision, and you should consider bringing a collapsible water bottle -- typically used for camping or hiking -- to use those filling stations. These water bottles are often made of silicone and fold down easily to fit in your pocket or bag without taking up too much space when they're empty. The money you spend on the water bottle will pale in comparison to buying plastic water bottles at the tournament. Of course, bringing a water bottle with aluminum or vacuum-sealed steal is a great choice, too.

Charging battery pack

If you're going to be out at a golf tournament all day, odds are your phone is going to lose battery really quickly. Phones tend to lose battery charge quicker in the sun, and you might be using the phone more to check on scores, keep up with work emails or stay in touch with your friends. Make sure to have a battery charger with you that will keep your phone charged to get you through the day. A phone battery case that fits your phone and charges wirelessly is the best option. You put it on your phone as the case, and then you turn it on to start charging when convenient. No need for an additional battery pack in your pocket or cords galore.

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