Do FedEx Cup winners pay some of the $18 million prize to their caddies?
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Do FedEx Cup winners pay some of the $10 million prize to their caddies?


Dating back to 2007, a PGA Tour player has ended the Tour Championship (and, since 2013, the season) by winning the FedEx Cup and, nowadays, its $18 million first-place prize from the $75 million total bonus pool.

Of course, one of the immediate questions asked after the player hoists the FedEx Cup is how much of that big bonus the player's caddie might see.

There's no hard-and-fast rule on how much PGA Tour caddies are paid weekly, though the 5-7-10 model usually applies. That means there's a weekly floor of $1,000-$2,000, then caddies are paid 5 percent for winnings on a made cut, 7 percent for a top-10 finish and 10 percent for a win.

Since a player wins, and isn't awarded, the FedEx Cup, then, do caddies get 10 percent, or $1.8 million, of the bonus money? Not necessarily, though some players have done it.

When Billy Horschel won the 2014 FedEx Cup, he gave his caddie Micah Fugitt $1 million. The 2013 winner, Henrik Stenson, did the same thing to caddie Gareth Lord. Brandt Snedeker, the 2012 winner, may have started the trend, however, when he gave caddie Scott Vale a "substantial amount" of the bonus money.

We don't know if two-time FedEx Cup winner Tiger Woods paid Steve Williams, his caddie for the FedEx Cup wins in 2007 and '09, the $1 million bonus each year.

With more money available than ever on the PGA Tour, players are more likely to pay their caddies a commensurate chunk of their FedEx Cup bonus money.

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