Illinois golfer wins free beer for a year in a putting contest alongside Paige Sprianac
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Illinois golfer wins free beer for a year in a putting contest alongside Paige Sprianac

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Imagine winning free beer for year. Now imagine winning free beer for a year because of your golf skills.

Most people would crumble under the pressure of draining a putt to win a case of beer every week for 52 weeks, but Johnny Quenan of Arlington Heights, Ill., thrived -- even with golf influencer Paige Spiranac watching.

On Aug. 16, Garage Beer, a craft brewery out of Columbus, Ohio, held Puttapalooza -- a concept created after the brewery saw a Spiranac social post with one of their beers in frame. Garage Beer reached out for a potential collaboration, and Spiranace said she just wanted to help give away a lot of beer.

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So, at Coyote Run Municipal Golf Course, after 10,000 people entered the contest online, the randomly chosen finalists competed to take on a series of putts at different lengths. Sportscaster Trey Wingo was on hand for play-by-play, while Spiranac offered putting tips for the competitors -- and shotgunned a beer with all the putters.

In the end, Quenan made five consecutive putts, including a final three-and-a-half-footer to win 52 cases of Garage Beer.

The brewery then gave Quenan a chance to win beer for life (which would have been a 15-pack per week for 60 years) by draining a 50-foot putt. He missed long and left, but Quenan still had plenty of beer in the bag.

Not bad for a day's work.

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