Gary Players ranks the Masters last among the four men's majors
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Gary Players ranks the Masters last among the four men’s majors

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Gary Player is one of five players to complete the men's career Grand Slam, meaning he's won each one of the four majors -- Masters, PGA Championship, US Open and the Open Championship.

One might think Player fancies the Masters Tournament as his favorite above the others considering he has been a Masters honorary starter since 2012, hitting the ceremonial tee shot to start the event at Augusta National. Turns out, at least these days, that's not the case.

In fact, Player sees the Masters as the worst of the four majors.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Player issued his ranking of the four majors, and he came down with the following order: The Open Champions, US Open, PGA Championship and Masters Tournament.

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So, how did Player come up with that order?

"But nevermind the Masters; the Open is by far the greatest tournament on the planet. I rate the Open at one, the US Open two, PGA three and Augusta four. Four marvelous tournaments," Player said. "[The Masters] is youngest of the majors. The others are steeped in traditon and history and [Augusta National] still have to catch up. Nothing comes to the top without time."

Of course, unless the other three majors stop being played or take an extended pause, the Masters is never going to have the same length of history as the other majors.

Augusta National may also not be at the top of Player's list because his son, Wayne, has reportedly been barred from the property after he shamelessly flashed a sleeve of OnCore golf balls to the camera and gathered patrons during the first-tee ceremony ahead of the 2021 Masters, when Lee Elder made his appearance as an honorary starter.

The club has not, and almost certainly will not, offer a public response to Player's comments. He would be expected to be a first tee starter next Thursday with Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson.

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