What's that thing pro golfers do with their feet and fingers over putts?
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What’s that thing pro golfers do with their feet and fingers over putts?


You've probably seen Keegan Bradley, Adam Scott, Mackenzie Hughes or any number of professional golfers standing over their putts during golf tournaments, moving their feet along the perceived line of the putt, as well as flashing two or three fingers in the direction of the ball as he reads it.

What appears a bizarre gesture of waddling is giving these playsers a better idea on where the ball will go.

What these pro golfers are doing is using the AimPoint system of reading greens.

AimPoint tells golfers that they can use their feet to tell them how a putt breaks. By using your feet, you can compare how they feel on the ground to get a sense of slope and the way the ball should break. Depending on what you calculate and how you feel with your feet, you determine the slope of the green and pick a spot to aim. If there was more pressure on his right foot, the putt would go right -- the amount of pressure would dictate how much.

There's a quicker version of AimPoint, too, called AimPoint Express. Using AimPoint Express, you use your fingers to determine a spot to aim the ball with your putt instead of your feet.

Depending on what you calculate as the slope of the greens, you use your fingers to determine a spot to aim the ball with your putt. For example, if it's 2 percent, then you use two fingers to pick the spot left or right of the cup.

If you'd like to learn how to read greens like these pros, you can attend an AimPoint Express Reads seminar.

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