Here's what job Tony Finau would do if being a pro golfer didn't work out
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Here’s what job Tony Finau would do if being a pro golfer didn’t work out

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Tony Finau has become a world-beating PGA Tour star in the last several years, with a career-best effort in 2022 that included three wins. He's a certifiable top player, and he's going to be around for a long, long time.

But, ahead of The American Express, Finau gave the world an idea of the job he'd like to do if professional golf doesn't work out -- or, more specifically, if it hadn't worked out in the years leading to where he is now.

"I love food. Whenever I'm asked what I would be outside of being a PGA Tour golfer I always say a chef and it's because I love to cook and I love to eat," he said.

What food does Finau most like to cook? It depends on who he's cooking for these days.

"I love cooking curry chicken. I love eating curry chicken and I love eating curry dishes. I love Indian food. So I would say I'm pretty good at it, because I cook it a lot," he said.

"I would say my kids love a good steak. I'm pretty good at grilling. I joy grilling as well. So those are probably my main dishes. A lot of meat," he said with a laugh. "We love meat."

Finau said his goal for this year is to eat healthier, as he believes it will mean much more to his results on the course.

"Honestly one of my main goals is to be as healthy as I've ever been off the golf course," he said. "This meaning eating a lot better."

If eating healthier can mean any kind of improvement over his 2022, then Finau could be looking at a breakthrough win in a major.

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