Jordan Spieth politely asks a fan to not talk so loudly about his bets while Spieth putts
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Jordan Spieth politely asks a fan to not talk so loudly about his bets while Spieth putts

A picture of golfer Jordan Spieth in 2017 A picture of golfer Jordan Spieth

Look, sports betting is expanding rapidly nationwide. Lots more people have access to legal sports betting, and so there are way more people than there once was with action on pretty much any sporting event. That includes golf, which is a niche betting sport but becoming more popular among punters.

Jordan Spieth doesn't have a problem with fans betting, but he politely asked a fan during Thursday's opening round of the 2023 Sentry Tournament of Champions to keep the chatter to a minimum.

Spieth, a former champion himself at the Plantation Course, putted out for par on the 12th hole in the first round. He made the putt, which was no problem. Then he walked over to a fan and had to have a quick conversation about what he overheard two fans saying to each other while he was trying to save par.

"I appreciate you exchanging money. I would be doing the same thing," Spieth said as he was walking over to the two fans. "I just can't hear you gambling off the back of the green. All good. It's good."

He gave the fans a fist bump and everyone laughed a little bit before Spieth walked away toward the 13th tee.

So next time you're at a professional golf tournament, and you want to wager on the outcome of a shot with some of your buddies, know that the pros sometimes have rabbit ears and can absolutely hear your quiet bets and comments. Maybe take a few steps away from the players and have your fun just out of hearing distance.

Then again, there are some players who absolutely love hearing that kind of thing because it gives them a chance to show off. So maybe stay tighter to the action if you think your bet might inspire a player one way or another.

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