REVIEW: Red Rooster Golf makes it convenient to have fresh, quality gloves

REVIEW: Red Rooster Golf makes it convenient to have fresh, quality gloves

I play golf more often than the average person. I play the overwhelming chunk of my golf in a climate where it's humid and sticky hot.

And despite knowing both of those things, I am notoriously bad about changing my golf glove.

At least once per season, I will go to the golf course, open up my bag and pull out a glove that definitely should not be worn again. The leather has become brittle, and the glove no longer feels like it fits my hand so much as it serves as a barrier between my skin and the club's grip. That's not good.

In that situation, I typically wind up strolling into the pro shop and buying a good-enough glove to get through the round. The cycle continues with that glove, which I typically don't like that much.

Wouldn't it be smarter, then, to have fresh gloves at the ready so I can quickly swap into a new glove when it's time? Or, perhaps even better, get fresh gloves on the reg so that I don't even have to wonder if I have a new glove at my disposal?

That's a problem Red Rooster Golf is trying to solve. Kerry Moher and Brad Fritsch got together during the pandemic to create a business focused on delivering high-quality leather golf gloves to golfers. I had Kerry on our Green Shoots series to talk about the concept, and he invited me try out Red Rooster for myself.

For the last three months, I've received a fresh glove in the mail. I selected their Comb model, which is a bold, red glove made from AAA Cabretta leather. It fits true to size, which is to say that it runs a little bit small. A good glove should feel a little tight. After all, a golf glove isn't meant to be loose on the hand. It's meant to be one with your hand, not in the way of your hand.

The leather stretches out a little after the first few wears, but it never gets too loose. It's lightweight, and the leather isn't so thick you can lose feel of the club in your hands. The glove breathes well, and it has held up well to the changing weather of the mid-Atlantic winter (and the week I spent in Florida on a family golf trip).

The gloves themselves range in price from $22 to $25, available in different colors and with varying degrees of stretch or softness in the leather. Red Rooster gloves come in 10 sizes for men and three for women, with all sizes available for righties and lefties.

Even better, you can choose to subscribe and save 10 percent on each glove purchased. You can elect to have a new glove sent monthly, every other month or once per quarter, and you still get the discount regardless of the frequency. If you find you're getting gloves at the wrong cadence, you can change that, too.

With each glove purchased, Red Rooster donates a junior-sized glove to a kid playing through their partner programs, which is a nice touch. They also sell glove compartments that can extend the life of your gloves by keeping them dry and flat.

The gloves come on time, without shipping fees, and the gang there always includes a short note of appreciation.

Red Rooster Golf is easy to support, with a simple mission and a high-quality product. You can save 20 percent on any one-time Red Rooster Golf purchase using the promo code GNN20.

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