Titleist introduces new Velocity and TruFeel golf balls

Titleist introduces new Velocity and TruFeel golf balls

When most people think Titleist golf balls, they think of the Pro V1. That's just how ubiquitous that golf ball is. But Titleist makes other models, and there are plenty of golfers who seek them out on the shelves.

Two of those models, the Velocity and the TruFeel, have been revamped for 2022.

Titleist Velocity

The Velocity, as the name would suggest, is focused on delivering distance. It's a two-piece ball with an ionomer cover that's designed to fly high and far. The trick with a distance-oriented ball -- particularly that's two pieces -- is delivering feel and scoring performance (read: spin) without losing the plot of the ball's major feature.

In this ball, that's done with a 1.55-inch LSX core, which is firmer on the outside by doesn't change the overall compression of the ball. That's because a new NaZ+ cover features a spherically-tiled 350-dimple Octahedral pattern, designed to get the ball in the air and flying, is softer. This allowers a golfer to hit a firmer-feeling ball off the tee and still get better greenside performance.

The Velocity will be available on Feb. 4 for $30 per dozen. It will be available in white until October, when Matte Orange, Matte Green and new Matte Blue options become available.

Titleist TruFeel

The TruFeel is kind of the opposite, in a way, of the Velocity. Feel isn't so important to the Velocity, but it's in the name of the TruFeel.

The TruFeel is a soft ball -- the softest the company makes. The design goal, then, is to make the softer ball still feel soft while improving distance, which tends to lag behind on these balls.

Titleist accomplished that with a new 1.6-inch TruTouch Core in conjunction with a thinner TruFlex cover. In a two-piece ball, the speed has to come from the core, so by making it larger, the company is offering more speed by more matter.

The thinner cover, featuring a spherically-tiled 376 Tetrahedral dimple pattern, will deliver the feel players expect while still allowing for that buttery soft contact. The TruFeel also still features an alignment oriented sidestamp that customers seem to enjoy.

The TruFeel is available now for $25 per dozen in white and optic yellow. A Matte Red option is coming in October.

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