Srixon announces new Q-Star Tour golf balls

Srixon announces new Q-Star Tour golf balls

Srixon's Q-Star Tour golf balls have always been a bit of a tweener. It's a mid-compression golf ball, so it's a little softer. It also has a cast-urethane cover, which golfers would expect from a high-end tour-caliber ball.

It's a quality ball for a mid-level golfer without the price tag you'd expect from, in this case, the Z-Star.

The fourth generation of the ball isn't dramatically different from the third generation, and that's kind of the point: bringing the ball up to code compared to the Z-Star while maintaining the benefits unique to the Q-Star Tour.

The Q-Star Tour features a new ultra-thin urethane Spin Skin cover that’s coated in Slide Ring Material (SeRM) to increase friction for more spin and control on scoring shots. The thin cover allows the material to better interact with wedges for more stopping power.

The ball also features a FastLayer core, which firms up from the middle to the outer edge, allowing the player to get maximium distance while delivering feel in a 72-compression total package. The mantle layer has been softened this time out, which should increase spin off the driver. The 338 Speed Dimple pattern that's become a mainstay for Srixon is found on this ball, with a new longer side-stamp alignment aid.

The Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball is available for $35 per dozen in white and Tour Yellow colors.

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