Shot Scope expands product lineup with innovative GPS, laser rangefinder units

Shot Scope expands product lineup with innovative GPS, laser rangefinder units

Shot Scope has made a name for itself as a company offering world-class analytics for golfers through their performance-tracking platform. Now, they're expanding their offerings in the distance-measurement space.

The company is releasing three new products, including two models under the Pro LX name, representing the first laser rangefinder to add a GPS-powered monitor for distances and their performance-tracking platform.

The Pro LX+ is the higher-end of the two models, and it's actually a Megatron of the other two products in the lineup: the Pro LX rangefinder and the H4 Game Tracker.

So, why combine two products into one? Shot Scope says research indicates there's a sizable audience of golfers who use multiple distance-measuring devices -- even some who use multiple GPS models. Now, the Pro LX+ combines a variety of GPS models and adds the benefit of a laser rangefinder.

The company says their research from tracking more than 160 million golf shots on their platform shows amateur players improve on average by four strokes with the combination of analytics and performance tracking.

Pro LX+: Three products in one

The Pro LX+ has a variety of features any laser rangefinder user will love, including vibrating when locked to a target, the choice of red or black optical graphics, adpative-slove technology and a 900-yard range that's accurate down to a yard. The lens is easy to dial in to your personal preference and the product has a comfortable grip for your hand. The water-resistant unit is available in blue, gray and orange colors and comes with a carry case, lanyard, carry clip, cleaning cloth and 1 x CR123 battery.

Then add in the GPS features from the H4 Game Tracker unit, which includes 36,000 pre-loaded courses. The H4, which attaches to the Pro LX body with a strong magnet, shows dynamic front, back and middle GPS distances with front and carry distances to every hazard (available in yards or meters).

Finally, golfers get 16 RFID-powered tracking tags that they can screw into the ends of their grips on each golf club. The H4 constantly scans for a player's swing and then tags and measures the outcomes in the background while a round is ongoing. Ultimately, that data can be used on the Shot Scope platform to analyze your play with more than 100 statitics, get critical strokes-gained insights compared to pros and your peer skill group, as well as insights on how best to play golf courses against your skill set.

The Shot Scope Pro LX+ is $350 and, best of all, has free updates and with no subscription fees.

Just want the components?

The Pro LX boasts all of the features of the laser rangefinder, but it doesn't include the H4 Game Tracker. The Pro LX is $250.

The H4 Game Tracker is also available separately for $150, and it comes with the tags and the magnetic H4 unit (as well as a belt clip). For Shot Scope players who want to track their games but don't want to wear a watch unit, this is a game-changer. Golfers can sync their H4 device and real-time tracking tags with Bluetooth by downloading the free Shot Scope app for mobile use on iOS and Android.

Shot Scope incentivizes golfers to buy the Pro LX+ with a $50 combo discount compared to buying the products separately.

All three products are available March 31.

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