Drive Shack locations: Currently open, future and rumored
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Drive Shack locations: Currently open, future and rumored


Drive Shack has been growing like crazy the last several years, with the company adding locations around the country. Drive Shack currently has four open locations in the United States, with more planned all over the place.  Drive Shack is continuing on its expansion plans in major American cities.

If you've never been to a Drive Shack, it's basically the golf version of a bowling alley. It's a driving range where players of all skill levels can hit balls, each with an RFID chip in them, to different targets up and down the range. Players can choose to compete in several Drive Shack games in which players earn points based on how well they hit to specific targets. On top of the golf experience, Drive Shack customers can order food and beverage which is then brought out to them at tables and outdoor furniture located just behind the bays, which are usually situated on three stacked levels.

At Drive Shack, you pay for time at a bay, which you should typically reserve well in advance of your visit if it's a weekend.

Each Drive Shack location costs about $20 million to build, and these locations have typically paid for themselves in two years.

Want to find out the nearest Drive Shack location to you? See our list below of Drive Shack locations currently open, coming soon (under construction) and rumored.

Drive Shack locations: Open, future, rumored

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Florida Orlando 7285 Corner Dr., Orlando, FL 32827 OPEN
Florida West Palm Beach 1710 Belvedere Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33406 OPEN
North Carolina Raleigh 6901 Play Golf Way, Raleigh, NC 27607 OPEN
Virginia Richmond 1647 Four Rings Drive, Richmond, VA 23233 OPEN

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