Stitch Golf's versatile Birdie Bag makes weekend trips a breeze
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Stitch Golf’s versatile Birdie Bag makes weekend trips a breeze

When I travel, I always bring a backpack as a carry-on. Inside is my laptop, some other electronic accessories, a book or other reading materials, as well some charging cords and stationary.

I've used the same backpack for travel for more than a decade. It has all the pockets I need for all the gadgets and gizmos I bring with me.

However, I may have found a new travel backpack, which not only features the pockets that I require but enough packing room to stuff in clothes for a casual three-day trip.

Meet the Birdie Bag from Stitch Golf.

Stitch Golf supplied me with the Birdie Bag for review, and Golf News Net may make a commission from sales generated by this article.

The idea behind the Birdie Bag is versatility. Stitch Golf created a bag that could be a carry-on or a work bag or a convenient cooler bag -- even in the same day. The Birdie Bag looks like an upscale backpack, with the faux-leather base being wider and stronger than your typical backpack. It's meant to hold stuff -- be that clothing, beer cans or work supplies.

The bag can be opened from the flat top, which gives easy access to everything inside. It can also be opened from behind, with a full zipper around the back of the bag, giving easy access to anything stored. Stitch Golf brought this concept from their Ultimate Garment Bag and Clubhouse Duffle, and it works well here, too.

The outside of the Birdie Bag features a treasure trove of pockets of various sizes, all of which can comfortably hold different things, like cords, wireless earbuds, keys, charging cords and more. On a recent three-day trip to French Lick Resort in Indiana, I had a pocket to hold every technology accessory I needed, leaving room inside for clothing.

Even for a guy like me, who wears as large as XXL in shirts, the Birdie Bag easily held clothes for three days, including shoes, along with my laptop in a sleeve. Had I traveled to French Lick with the cooler bag liner inside the Birdie Bag, I may not have been able to bring as many clothes, but it would have been good for an overnight trip. When I got to my hotel room, I took my clothes out of the Birdie Bag, and I was good to go.

The cooler insert is about a half-inch thick on all sides. It can easily hold 24 12-ounce cans with some ice, but it's a comfortable way to transport a six-pack of bottles or a 12-pack of cans. It opens and closes flat, just like the Birdie Bag itself, and it has a handle to transport out of the bag and to where you're drinking. Magnets hold the inserts in place, meaning nothing moves around unnecessarily.

The Birdie Bag also has a cooler bag that doesn't close shut but folds flat and can be used to transport some drinks. If you want to use the backpack to carry the drinks and food, then you can use the insert, or you can bring the foldable cooler bag as a nice add-on. Just remember to let the inserts dry.

When the back of the Birdie Bag is zipped in place, it has comfortable backpack strap with a connected clip that crosses between the two straps -- just in case you've packed a little heavy. The back also has fabric running across it, inside the straps, that can be pulled out to conveniently slip the Birdie Bag over a pull for a piece of luggage.

The Birdie Bag is fabulous and versatile. It's also priced at a premium figure: $318. However, if you want a good carry-on, cooler and work bag, you're doing to pay at least that much for those three separate pieces. With the Birdie Bag, you have them in one, well-made piece.

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