PXG introduces 0811 Gen4 drivers, 0341 Gen4 fairway woods and 0317 Gen4 hybrids
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PXG introduces 0811 Gen4 drivers, 0341 Gen4 fairway woods and 0317 Gen4 hybrids

PXG has always said they won't bring something to market that that isn't substantively better than what came before it. However, in recent memory, the company has also gone out of its way to make PXG more affordable and, therefore, more accessible, including with their 0211 series that is a great intro to the family.

However, at its core, PXG is about pushing the boundaries of performance, and they're ready to take their next, launching their fourth-generation lineup of the 0811 drivers, 0341 fairway woods and 0317 hybrids. These are the company's flagship clubs, but the drivers, fairway woods and hybrids are no longer priced out of step with their high-performance American-based peers. They're priced in lockstep with the market, and PXG wants your attention.

0811 Gen4 drivers

For the 0811 Gen4 drivers, PXG has three models. Two of those models, the X and XF, have been brought forward from Gen3, but the XT is a new model for this generation.

All three drivers have a new hybrid-construction crown that utilizes titanium and a new variation of carbon fiber called AV (aluminum vapor). Aluminum Vapor carbon fiber receives a coating of vaporized aluminum in a vacuum-sealed chamber that's meant to tighten the weave and make it stronger while being lighter. The company says that will mean more energy gets back to the ball at impact as the crown will lose less of its shape at impact. The AV carbon fiber is called out in an aluminum colorway that shapes the driver head behind the ball.

A new face material, Ti412, is lighter, more flexible and stronger to help offer incremental ball-speed increases, while the foundational Honeycomb TPE insert inside the head dials in CG position and helps with feel.

The drivers each feature a three-weight sole that allow fitters to dial in swingweight and shot-shape bias, with positions in the front, back and heel. The front position kills spin and drops MOI when the heaviest weight is there, but it maximizes ball speed at a lower trajectory. The back position creates more MOI and a more forgiving launch. The heel position offers draw bias. The weights vary in availability from 2 grams to 20 grams, though using three 20-gram weights would be almost unfathomable. But the point is it's an option to cover the full gamut of fittings.

Of the three heads, the XF has the largest profile, taking up more space front-to-back, with a shallower face compared to the X model. The XF has a more low-and-back CG position with a higher MOI to give golfers all the forgiveness they need to get the ball in play with a high-flying drive. The XF is available in 9-, 10.5- and 12-degree heads.

The X head is a smaller profile with a deeper face. The crown is sloped aggressively from front to back to still keep the center of gravity position lower and somewhat forward while still offering enough MOI to help on off-center hits. The driver is designed to kill spin while still being somewhat forgiving, which is a tough balance to find. The X is available in 7.5-, 9-, 10.5- and 12-degree heads.

The new XT head is billed as being only for golfers with driver speeds of 105 mph or higher. The company says a faster golfer can take advantage of the aerodynamics of the driver head, which has a flatter crown, teardrop shape and a shallow face, with a build up of mass at the back of the head. There's some weight out toward the toe to help fight a push with an open face.

The PXG 0811 Gen4 drivers are all available through PXG's website and custom fitters for $550 each.

0341 Gen4 fairway woods and 0317 Gen4 hybrids

Under the PXG umbrella, there's one fairway wood model and one hybrid model, with the thinking that a golfer can be fit into it with the proper fitting, which makes sense. The fairway woods and hybrids also feature similar features as the drivers, keeping with the thinking that these smaller clubs can still benefit from the concepts in the 1-wood. Those features include the hybrid-construction crown, the Honeycomb TPE and weight ports, though there are just two (front sole and heel side) on these clubs compared to three with the drivers.

Both the fairways and the hybrids are built with an AM355 steel body and HT1770 high-strength steel face. Both are shaped a little larger than compact, but they don't have such a big footprint that they feel oversized. They're trying to pack a punch, allowing the forward weight position to kill spin and increase ball speeds, if desired.

The PXG 0341 Gen4 fairway woods and 0317 Gen4 hybrids are all available through PXG's website and custom fitters for $429 each on fairway woods in 2-, 3-, 5- and 7-wood heads and $379 on hybrids in 17-, 19-, 22-, 25- and 28-degree heads.

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