Vokey WedgeWorks introduces M Grind collection

Vokey WedgeWorks introduces M Grind collection

Bob Vokey considers the M Grind his favorite, and now Vokey WedgeWorks is offering this grind in 50-, 52- and 54-degree lofts in a new eponymous collection.

The M Grind has previously only been available in wedges with lofts from 56 to 62 degrees, which makes sense because it was designed for players who love to manipulate the face for versatile shotmaking around the greens and in firmer conditions. It has a medium bounce with a full crescent heel, toe and trailing edge. It's built for a sweeper type (like me) and can give a golfer the feeling of having an extra wedge because of how easy it is to manipulate.

“The grind in the back allows you to open up the wedge and get under the ball a little easier, while the front of the wedge allows you to get out and produce that lower, stronger ball flight,” said Aaron Dill, Vokey Tour Representative.

The M Grind Collection features wedges with the Raw finish, of course in the SM8 model, which features a center of gravity in front of the face for better control and launch. Micro grooves are cut in between grooves for maximizing spin.

With WedgeWorks, golfers have a variety of head customization options, including six unique toe engravings; a variety of stamping options ranging from 5 to 15 characters depending on placement and style; and custom paint filled markings and logos. In the Raw finish, the customer can request a custom hand grind for an even more unique fit.

The Vokey WedgeWorks M Grind collection will be available on vokey.com for $199 each, available only for right-handed players.

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