The Break: Tony Finau details his experience with COVID-19
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The Break: Tony Finau details his experience with COVID-19

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Today, Tony Finau has told us about his experience with COVID-19. It’s not fun.
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Sherwood getting clobbered at the Zozo

The prop bet for this week’s winning total at the Zozo Championship was 270.5, or 17.5 under par. We’re near there already at the Zozo through two rounds. Justin Thomas leads at the halfway point on 14-under 130. These guys are on pace to smash the under.

We knew with five par 5s and a 7,000-yard golf course that someone was going to get out there and take it deep. We weren’t sure if more than a couple would. It looks like we’ll get at least a handful. So enjoy the birdies and eagles this weekend.

Tiger Woods even got in on the act yesterday. After opening with 76, Woods was 10 shots better on Friday with a 66. He’s 12 shots back heading into the weekend, so picking up No. 83 this weekend isn’t in the cards barring back-to-back 57s.

Tony Finau shares his COVID-19 experience

If you’ve met someone who has experienced COVID-19 firsthand, you’ve probably heard them say it’s worse than the flu — which is the right-wing comparison point for the virus.

Tony Finau has had COVID-19 and is recovering. He’s negative now and is back playing at the Zozo after missing a couple of weeks. He confirmed Friday that this virus is no joke.

“For the first five days, it got worse,” said Finau. “I had massive headaches, body aches. I didn’t feel like doing anything. It got me really good — fatigue-wise. I’m very active. Work out quite often. Always playing golf or with my kids and quite active. It knocked me down. There’s no question about it.

“For those 10 days, I didn’t feel like doing anything. I obviously didn’t get to practice. I lost my taste and smell after about four days. Still don’t have it back. That kind of sucks; I’m quite a foodie. It was not the experience I thought I was going to have. Most guys are asymptomatic. They say if you’re young and healthy, it’s not a big deal. I think I gained some respect for the virus.”

You gotta check out…

Fall golf, y’all: I got to play golf yesterday at Sunnehanna Country Club in Western Pennsylvania, where I play when I’m visiting my in-laws. The foliage and views were unbelievable! Fall golf can pretty spectacular, provided the leaves don’t eat your balls.

Morning Drive is returning: I’ve been trying to come up with an alternate logo for Golf News Net for a while. We’re a serious news operation, but I like having fun, being different and designing. My friend Ethan Zimman took my idea of a mini-golf-inspired logo and ran with it. He crushed it! We’re going to be introducing merch with this logo soon.


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