The Break: 24 hours til go time at Sherwood, and a window into Mickey Wright
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The Break: 24 hours til go time at Sherwood, and a window into Mickey Wright

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Today, I share that golf trading cards are coming back in 2021.
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Tiger Woods plays golf in 24 hours

Tiger Woods is going for No. 83 once again this week, as he’s the defending champion — playing on a sponsor exemption, by the way, which is bizarre — at the Zozo Championship. This year, the event has been moved from Japan for obvious reasons, and it’s been moved to Sherwood Country Club in California, also for obvious reasons.

Sherwood has been home to five Tiger Woods wins in his World Challenge event, long before it moved to the Bahamas, and it has recently hosted a PGA Tour Champions event. The setting makes sense for Woods, who the Tour would love to see win back-to-back in this event and finally take over solo first in the somewhat compromised record of most PGA Tour wins. (How they cherry-picked which of Sam Snead’s wins count in retrospect is kind of silly.)

Tiger is on 40-to-1 to win this week at sportsbooks, but hopefully the warmer weather and the familiarity he has with the host course will make him a contender over the weekend.

Should golf go all-in on sports betting?

With apologies for the mixed metaphor between poker and sports betting, I have some honest reservations about the PGA Tour diving into sharing live golf odds throughout telecasts. And I say this as someone who has no compunction betting on pretty much anything.

While I love betting and odds and stuff like that, not everyone does. Not everyone is into gambling. Some see it as destructive or taking the fun and whimsy out of sports. However, the people who love gambling are willing to spend for the sweat, and they’ve demanded more integration with their hobby. There needs to be a balance, though. Jamming odds down the throats of golf fans who don’t care about gambling is going to turn them off eventually.

What I would love to see is casual integration in telecasts, with the offering to diehard sports bettors being a PGA Tour Live feed that is gambling-centric. With a weekly sponsor, the feed could post live, in-game odds and bets that golfers could wager on directly from an app experience.

You gotta check out…

Telling my origin story to Kris McEwen: Kris McEwen was kind enough to invite me onto his Golf Origin Stories podcast to talk through a variety of things in my golf journey, including the lucky breaks I got along the way, the people in this world who were kind and encouraging when they didn’t have to be and my hope that I can do the same for others now and in the future. If you have any interest in my background and how I view this long journey I’ve lived in golf, I invite you to listen.

Inspired by Bandon: No Laying Up released what was probably its best-ever episode of Tourist Sauce, their signature travel series, last night. It’s a deep dive into the origins of Bandon Dunes, with great stuff from Mike Keiser, the resort owner, and David McLay Kidd, who designed the original Bandon Dunes course. It’s an ode to the anticipation of driving to Bandon (which I’m yet to experience since our trip this year was canceled) and a great look at what made the place so audacious 20 years ago.

Mickey Wright’s fascinating dying wish: It was a surprise to the USGA when the legendary Mickey Wright, who became reclusive after her playing career, bequeathed her estate to the governing body and their museum. What the USGA museum folks discovered at Wright’s home after her death in February was an incredible window into who Mickey Wright was. Great story from Beth Ann Nichols.

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