Callaway Golf's Big Bertha B-21 is custom-tailored to all you slicers out there

Callaway Golf’s Big Bertha B-21 is custom-tailored to all you slicers out there

If you slice the ball on the reg, you need something special in your equipment to get you going straighter and longer with every shot.

Turns out, a wide-open club face and an outside-in swing path cannot be helped a whole lot by golf club technology designed for the bulk of golfers.

So, Callaway Golf put their brains together and came up with a new lineup, the Big Bertha B-21 series, that's designed to help slicers be more effective on the golf course.


The driver is the trouble club for so many slicers, primarily because the driver is the longest club in the bangs and it amplifies the big-time spin they impart on the ball to shove it way right. With the Big Bertha B-21 driver, they've brought three design ideas together to create a higher-launching and lower-spinning driver with a big draw bias to do everything they can to help out a slicer.

The driver features the company first low-and-forward center of gravity that's designed to help fly the ball higher but with lower spin. The head itself has internal weighting in the heel to promote a heavy draw bias, again in an effort to take out some of that right tendency.

A new Flash Face SS21 design is geared to offer forgiveness across the face, particularly since higher-handicap players miss that ideal hitting zone more often. Jailbreak technology combines the sole and the crown, which uses triaxial carbon to create discretionary weight that can be used to increase moment of inertia.

Callaway's proprietary RCH shaft is lighter and has what's dubbed an Active Tip Flag section to whip a little more in the impact zone to improve launch.

The Callaway Golf Big Bertha B-21 driver is available Sept. 10 for $500.

Fairway woods

The Big Bertha B-21 fairway woods are designed to give a struggling golfer a good reason to use them, with the idea that they're easy to launch. The fairway woods are shallower but with an oversized profile to build confidence, while the face has a big offset to encourage eliminating ball flight to the right. The lengths increase with the lower loft, trying to create an all-around package that feels more like a hybrid.

The SS21 fairway face is included, with Jailbreak technology for fairway woods. The proprietary RCH shaft is in these clubs as well.

The Callaway Golf Big Bertha B-21 fairway woods are available Sept. 10 in 3-, 5-, 7- and 9-woods for $300 each.


Like the fairway woods, the Big Bertha B-21 hybrids have a bigger profile with plenty of offset. The SS21 hybrid face is featured, as well Jailbreak technology to connect the T2C Carbon crown and sole. The carbon crown and a bonded hosel helped save weight. The sole features dual MIM’ed (Metal-Injected Molding) tungsten weights in the sole of the clubhead to dial in center of gravity position and improve moment of inertia. These are built to get the ball in the air easily, replacing the need for longer irons.

In the Big Bertha B-21 lineup, hybrids go from 3-hybrid all the way to 8-hybrid. The proprietary RCH shaft is in these clubs.

The Callaway Golf Big Bertha B-21 hybrids are available for $250 each.


The Big Bertha B-21 irons are definitely in the super-game-improvement category, just like the rest of this lineup. However, just because this is an SGI offering doesn't mean that Callaway doesn't have something unique to offer to the high-handicapper.

In fact, with the Big Bertha B-21 irons, Callaway created their first Flash Face Cup, utilizing artificial intelligence-aided design and virtual prototyping like you see throughout the metalwood lineup. Just like with woods, the goal is to offer better speeds across the face with more forgiveness.

Being an SGI iron, there are all the normal trappings, including a generous offset, a wide sole and a thick topline. There's also what's called the Visible Tungsen Energy Core (VTEC, shout out to the automotive world), which is a tungsten weight that lowers the center of gravity to make it easy to launch at impact. The urethane microspheres that have become normal in other Callaway irons are here, too, for improved feel.

The Callaway Golf Big Bertha B-21 irons are available as a seven-piece set (4I-PW, AW, SW, LW) for $900 in steel and $1,000 in graphite on Sept. 10. The KBS CT80 steel shaft is the stock offering, with the RCH shaft the graphite offering.

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