Support charity by becoming a member of Fenced Up Country Club for as little as $5
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Support charity by becoming a member of Fenced Up Country Club for as little as $5

A week ago, a new country club was formed in my backyard. After an online vote, that six-hole course was named Fenced Up Country Club (FUCC; it's a long U sound).

Now, in an effort to have some fun and raise money for charity, I've started the FUCC pro shop. I'm selling merchandise -- including hats, T-shirts and hoodies -- with the Fenced Up Country Club logo on it.

Half of the proceeds from the merchandise will go to the PGA of America's Golf Emergency Relief Fund, which is offering cash grants and financial assistance to people in the golf industry affected economically by coronavirus. The PGA is matching third-party donations up to $2.5 million, meaning your donation will count for double.

I'm also inviting new members for a $5 donation to the Golf Emergency Relief Fund, which comes with a die-cut sticker of the FUCC logo. With a $100 donation, you will become a Chairman's member, get the sticker and priority order to join GNN-run trips through the end of 2022.

We'll even help you build your own backyard golf course, offering design consulting for a $200 donation that will include a virtual survey of the land you want to (and are legally able to) use, ideas for a routing and hole/tee locations. Your backyard course can also become an affiliate and offer reciprocal privileges with FUCC.

If you're looking for a light-hearted way to support those impacted by the ongoing crisis, please consider supporting Fenced Up Country Club!

Thank you for your consideration.

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