What is printed on Rickie Fowler's new TaylorMade TP5x golf ball?

What is printed on Rickie Fowler’s new TaylorMade TP5x golf ball?

Rickie Fowler is one of the better putters on the PGA Tour. He also has one of the most recognizable looks. He's sporting a new look on his golf balls, too, that's leaving a lot of fans wondering what is printed on his golf ball?

What's on Rickie Fowler's golf ball and why

TaylorMade Golf, which signed Fowler to play their TP5 golf ball line, wanted to work with Fowler to combine those two things together. What they came up with is the next generation of TP5 Pix balls, which utilizes a new Pix graphics print that doubles as an alignment aid.

The new pattern, dubbed ClearPath Alignment, works off the idea that Fowler, like many golfers, likes to use an alignment line on putts.

With the first-gen Pix pattern, the ball was more visible, which was the point, but it prevented Fowler and other users from effectively using the alignment line. In creating ClearPath, TaylorMade believes it has alleviated the problem.  By using just one TaylorMade logo on the ball and stamping the Pix pattern in such a way that the 12 graphics form a clear alignment strip, a golfer has a wider line to line up while still being able to use the now-standard alignment line.

“The Pix graphics give you a precise focal point to work with," Fowler said. "When we started developing the new design, one of my first comments was if we didn’t have the full TaylorMade logo in two places, we would have space to create a path that works for alignment and feedback.”

The company also says ClearPath offers quick feedback on putts. If the ball is rolling properly, a golfer should see a clearing -- a ClearPath, if you will -- in the middle of the ball as it rolls toward the hole.

The TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x Pix golf balls will be available Feb. 28 for $45 per dozen.

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