Golf Pride's MCC Teams collection gives fanatics more personal grips
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Golf Pride’s MCC Teams collection gives fanatics more personal grips

Here's how dominant Golf Pride is in the grip space: If, for whatever reason, the company decided to split off its MCC line of grips into its own company, that new company would immediately become the No. 1 grip company.

That's bonkers.

However, even with a world-beating brand like MCC, Golf Pride can't rest on its laurels and just as well assume this mainstay of the business will continue humming along. In a golf world where personalization and customization are increasingly a must-have for players, Golf Pride wanted to give golfers a broader choice of colors and styles for their most popular grip. They've done that with the MCC Team collection.

The MCC Teams collection, which launches in the spring, will feature 15 unique color combinations from which to choose, with a deference toward combos popular in sports franchises at every level.

Given the lineup, you're basically bound to find a color scheme for a team you love. And if you're not a sports fan, the MCC Teams collection offers a chance to personalize your grips with whatever color palette strikes your fancy.

The MCC Teams models still feature the hybrid design that made them so popular in the first place. There's Brushed Cotton Cord technology in the upper hand for control in all conditions, with high-performance rubber in the lower hand for feel and responsiveness, particularly on those choke-down shots.

Golf Pride's MCC models have combined to win 20 majors over the years. Now they can not only perform but also make more of a statement.

The Golf Pride MCC Teams grips will be available in standard size ($10.50 each) in spring and midsize ($11 each) in summer.

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