Titleist announces T100-S irons as a stronger, longer alternative to the T100 irons

Titleist announces T100-S irons as a stronger, longer alternative to the T100 irons

There's clearly a market for players distance irons. There's clearly a market for forged irons. And, we're coming to learn, there's a market for forged players distance irons.

So, with the market telling manufacturers that better players want something that's longer and feels great, Titleist has responded with a new addition to their T Series irons: the T100-S.

The T100-S irons are billed by the company as their forged players distance iron. They're modeled on the forged T100 irons, which have been well adopted on the PGA Tour since their release because of their forgiving nature in a tour-preferred shape. The T100-S irons, however, have lofts which are 2 degrees stronger for additional distance while maintaining the same fundamentals of the T100 irons.

The 3-iron is 19 degrees instead of 21 in the T100. The 9-iron is 40 degree instead of 42 degrees. The set runs from 3-iron through a gap wedge at 48 degrees.

“As we were launching the new T-Series, we met a lot of golfers who were really excited about T100 but had become accustomed to playing stronger-lofted iron sets," said Josh Talge, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club Marketing. "It would have been really easy to just take T100’s and bend them stronger for those players. But by doing that you start to sacrifice the incredible feel and turf interaction – the reasons why players were gravitating toward them in the first place. So our engineers went back and redesigned each individual iron to give these players the stronger lofts and distance they’re looking for, while preserving the performance of that pure forged shape and sole.”

This is, frankly, a refreshing explanation of what Titleist did. They saw a market for golfers to get stronger lofts on some irons that are doing well, so they did that while not simply just bending them a couple of degrees.

Everything else about the T-100S irons is based on the T-100.

The T100 irons have a thinner face in front, with a dual-cavity design in the back. In the mid- and long irons, co-forged dual-density tungsten is placed in the heel and toe for stability and forgiveness.

The T100 topline is thinnest of the T-Series, and there's minimal offset. The progressive design of the set features increasing blade length into the long irons, as well wider soles and varying hosel lengths for ideal center-of-gravity positioning.

The Titleist  T100-S irons will be available March 27 with a stock 120-gram True Temper Project X LZ shaft for $175 per club or $1,400 for an eight-piece set.

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