FlightScope introducing Mevo+ to offer more features than the Mevo
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FlightScope introducing Mevo+ to offer more features than the Mevo


Since FlightScope introduced the Mevo launch monitor in 2016, the market for personal launch monitors and indoor golf simulators has evolved.

More serious challengers to the Mevo have been introduced into the personal launch monitor space, delivering many of the same -- but not all the same -- features as the Mevo at competitive prices.

At the same time, more golfers are getting into golf simulators, looking for a reasonably priced package that allows them to both practice and play in their homes.

Now, FlightScope is ready to introduce a new personal launch monitor that is a combination of the best of both worlds, and they're calling it the FlightScope Mevo+.

How is FlightScope Mevo+ different than the FlightScope Mevo?

FlightScope is set to debut the Mevo+ fully at the PGA Show, and they've explained how Mevo+ will be an improvement over the Mevo. The primary claims are the Mevo+ will deliver more data to the golfer and be more accurate with better on-board equipment. Where the Mevo captured a smaller set of data points, the Mevo+ will capture 16: carry distance, ball and club head speed, smash factor, spin rate, spin axis, spin loft, angle of attack, horizontal and vertical launch angle, lateral landing, roll and total distance, shot type, apex height and flight time.

The Mevo+ is a bigger unit than the Mevo, and the Mevo+ will have an on-board camera golfers can use to help with their alignment.

In addition, FlightScope is saying the Mevo+ will offer both gamification -- meaning drills and games to play -- and simulation, so golfers can use the device to not only track data but help them play golf. The package comes with E6 simulation software which gives players the ability to practice on 17 types of driving ranges and play five different golf courses, all displayed on mobile devices. More courses are available for purchase with an annual subscription (cost TBA).

The improved FlightScope app for Mevo+ will offer 3D simulation overlays of shots and allow players to set parameters high and low for datapoints that will set in-app notifications when met.

The FlightScope Mevo+ will cost $2000, and it's now available for pre-order as a standalone unit or as part of a simulator package.

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