Callaway Mavrik, Mavrik Sub Zero driver pictures hit USGA conforming list

Callaway Mavrik, Mavrik Sub Zero driver pictures hit USGA conforming list

If you've been looking to see pictures of Callaway Golf's Mavrik and Mavrik Sub Zero drivers, intrigued by the driver's new name and its features, the USGA conforming driver list is your friend.

The USGA conforming driver list is a great way to market to golf equipment aficionados (geeks, depending on who's speaking). When a driver appears on the list, an image of the driver sole shows up, and it's one of the first looks many golfers get of a new, highly-anticipated release. It also means the club has been approved for competition, so we're likely to see it in play right away.

It just so happens the Hero World Challenge and Presidents Cup are great opportunities to feature the new driver, and there will potentially be a few players with the Callaway Mavrik in the bag.

Meanwhile, here's what the Mavrik and Mavrik Sub Zero drivers look like as they appear on the conforming list, which is updated every Monday with the prior week's submissions.

The Mavrik is on the same release schedule as the Rogue line, so golfers should take is the off-year upgrade version of Callaway's driver line. Typically, these drivers have less bells and whistles (in particular, sole adjustability), but they do feature modest upgrades over the prior year's driver.

In this case, we see some similar traits to the Rogue, include the back weight on the sole and Jailbreak technology called out near the leading edge. We, of course, have an OptiFit hosel. Beyond that, there aren't many feature-revealing marks. You'd think there would be more and/or better use of carbon fiber tech on the crown and sole.

These black-and-white photos don't tell us anything about color schemes.

Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero driver

The Sub Zero line of drivers is typically geared toward better players who want to kill spin with a slightly more forward center of gravity, basically located right along the CGna axis, running from the center of the face diagonally through the back edge of the driver.

We have a forward weight in the Mavrik Sub Zero, as you'd expect, and just about everything else looks the same.

Callaway is yet to make any public announcements about the Mavrik line, but with some time before the PGA Show in Orlando in January, the speculation will start to grow about this new release.

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