Titleist introduces the 620 MB and CB irons, built for better players

Titleist introduces the 620 MB and CB irons, built for better players

These days, Titleist has five iron sets.

With the advent of the T Series, there are the T-100, T-200 and T-300 irons. Previously, there were three AP models: un, deux and trois. And, alongside these tech-filled irons are a pair of relatively simple irons: the CB and the MB irons. They don't get fancy names, just CB for cavity back and MB for muscle back, with a series number to distinguish them from previous generations. But while there's not a lot of panache behind their release, that's kind of the point.

The new Titleist 620 CB and MB irons are classic irons, built primarily for the discerning better player who wants -- and can exercise -- more control over the ball with every iron in the bag. The players bagging these are flushers, and they want these irons to give them the confidence they need to play a brand of golf most amateurs can't comprehend.

That doesn't mean the CB and MB irons are just put out to be put out. They reflect feedback from Titleist's touring staff, designed to keep up with what the modern pro wants to see.

The 620 CB and MB irons have progressive blade lengths, from a compact short iron to a bigger-looking long iron. The blade lengths were kept in sync between sets so a player would feel comfortable creating a combo set. The sole and toplines are thinner for a player who doesn't need as much help getting the ball off the ground. There's minimal offset so a player can choose to work the club however they'd like.

In the 3-iron and 4-iron of the 620 CB set, co-forged tungsten is designed to improve overall performance, including launch angle and distance.

The MB irons have more weight in the bottom half of the blade. The look of the iron, forged from a billet of 1025 carbon steel, is a showstopper with a brushed chrome finish and a single Titleist script graphic.

The Titleist 620 CB irons come stock with the True Temper Project X LZ 120-gram steel shaft, with the MB come with the True Temper Project X 120-gram shafts. Mitsubishi MCA Tensei White AM2 graphite shafts are available, too. Both set hit retail on Aug. 30 for $175 per club or $1,400 for an eight-club set.

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