Ping unveils the G410 LST driver: A spin-killer of the highest order

Ping unveils the G410 LST driver: A spin-killer of the highest order

Some players need a driver head that will help them kill spin. They impart too much of it on the ball, and they're costing themselves distance and accuracy in the process. With the right head and a properly fitted shaft, a golfer can get their average RPM with a driver below 3,000 and perhaps even in that sweet-spot range around 2,700.

Ping's G400 LST driver was one of the best in the market at killing spin while remaining forgiving for these types of players. And the company wanted to come to market with a G410 LST driver earlier this year, but their initial product, frankly, wasn't an improvement. So the company got back to work on re-engineering their design to offer marked, measurable improvements. Now, the G410 LST driver is ready.

From an engineering standpoint, the G410 LST reduces spin with a smaller head (450cc vs. 460cc) than the G410 Plus driver with the center of gravity positioned slightly forward to get closer to the impact point. A golfer can expect to drop 200-400 RPM of spin in all three weight positions: neutral, draw bias and fade bias. The weight track on the back of the driver, where the crown meets the sole, uses a high-density tungsten weight to allow for 20 yards of side-to-side tuning with 0.1-inch adjustments in center of gravity per setting.

The pear-shaped design and combines has Turbulator Technology for aerodynamic performance, and the face itself sits slightly open (they call it "Tour Square") with a creased crown. Dragonfly Technology inside the crown strengthens the piece while saving weight, which is moved to the outer edges of the clubhead for more ball speed and higher MOI. The company claims a 3 percent hike in MOI compared to the G400 LST, which is key in a spin-killing product that leads with that benefit more than forgiveness. It's a give and take.

The T9S+ face is made from a forging and heat-treatment process designed to thin out the insert for maximum ball speeds.

The adjustable hosel now has eight settings instead of five, allowing five loft changes up and down 1.5 degrees and lie adjustments up to 3 degrees flat for proper fitting.

The Ping G410 LST driver is now available for $540 with 9- and 10.5-degree heads with the Ping Alta CB Red graphite shaft as the stock choice. No-charge aftermarket and upgrade shafts include the Ping Tour 65/75, the Mitsubishi Tensei CK Orange 60 and the Project X Evenflow Black.

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