WATCH: JT Poston's caddie sings his team's Zurich Classic walk-on song
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WATCH: JT Poston’s caddie sings his team’s Zurich Classic walk-on song

At the Zurich Classic of New Orleans, the two-man teams competing at TPC Louisiana are allowed to pick a walk-on song that plays for maybe 20 seconds as the teams are announced on the first tee of their round. Most of the teams pick predictable songs, but they're almost all played off someone's iPod or Spotify. That wasn't the case for JT Poston and his teammate Stephan Jaeger.

Poston and Jaeger decided their walk-on song would be "Callin' Baton Rouge," but they wouldn't be needing the MP3 of the song. They had their own singer on the bag: Poston's caddie Aaron Flener.

Flener took the first-tee mic on Saturday just outside of New Orleans to belt out his very good rendition of the song. Fellow caddie William Spencer had the camera ready to film the action, as did Jaeger's wife Shelby.

As it turns out, Flener calls "Callin' Baton Rouge" his go-to karaoke song on his Twitter profile. (Every singer has at least one.) But that doesn't matter. Flener got to flex his pipes and do something to get the crowd on the first tee going. Frankly, every team should be required to get on the first tee karaoke style -- players, caddies or both.

At the end of a long day for Flener, whose man played 32 holes on Saturday to get through the third round and back on schedule for a Sunday finish, he reflected on a great day.

That's one hell of a fun day at the office.

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