PXG focuses on fitting with Gen2 putter lineup

PXG focuses on fitting with Gen2 putter lineup

As PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf) continues to evolve, so, too do their designs and ability to fit more golfers to their equipment. They've made big strides with their Gen2 drivers, and now they're ready to launch their Gen2 putter lineup.

Sensing perhaps something missing in their lineup, PXG founder Dr. Bob Parsons pushed forward to offer more choices to accommodate the skill players use sometimes half their round. With eight models, three hosel options and two head colors to choose from, the PXG Gen2 collection is focused on fitting and getting the right look and feel for each player. There's bound to be a combination for every golfer.

Each putter in the Gen2 collection is fully milled and can be individually configured with the hosel -- double bend, plumber’s neck or heel-shafted -- that fits each golfer's stroke. The model names, without context, are: the Closer, Lucky “D,” Brandon, Mustang, Bat Attack, Mini Gunboat, Gunboat, and Operator. There are available sole weights made of tungsten or titanium to dial in the ideal head weight, coming in 5-gram increments from 5-20 grams.

Each model features a pyramid face pattern to help connect with the cover for more consistent roll. The pyramid pattern varies in size, with more density in the center. It's designed to offset ball speed loss on mishits, so even putts struck on the heel or toe wind up closer to the target.

The PXG Gen2 putters cost $425 each for the customized putter, with weight kits available ranging in price (and number of weights) starting at $30.

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